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Go Margaux is a Singaporean, women-led business featuring a mercurial mix of both vintage and contemporary fashion. With a focus on quality and sustainability, we promote circular fashion by intercepting deadstock jewellery from boutiques and sourcing for both vintage and contemporary jewellery and apparel from all over the world.

Following her days in New York, Brenda developed a passion for everything vintage and spent her days exploring various vintage and thrift stores. She chanced upon a huge selection of beautiful vintage deadstock jewellery. After hours of sorting and garnering well-deserved stares, she emerged with two large bags in hand and an empty wallet. And the rest is history.

We have since expanded into a mighty duo with Anjelica. Her background in Architecture adds a fresh perspective and a keen eye for detail and design. She is also our resident model, standing at 1.69m.

Every piece is independently sourced worldwide and curated in Singapore. Keen attention to detail, concept and quality is paid with the sole mission of inspiring wearers with audacity and curiosity, playing up hues of classic beauty with a pop of something spicy. Mindfully packaged with sustainable and recycled materials, we sell what we'd wear, and we cater to the modern woman who knows how to serve a look.


Where the material ends, art begins.

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